The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Had Time

Spent a part of today finishing cleaning up in my office. I had a pile of papers I went through and cleaned up. Taking out the library page of all the newsletters, putting barcodes on calculators I had piled on my desk and putting the ones that don't work in a box ("They're dead Jim."). Put the extra wheels for the white board with it back in the workroom it's in now. Got the books from last inventory that had invalid barcodes all re-entered thanks to the lovely Ms. M down at LMSS. Part of that pile was book lists of things I needed to look at to order, so I did that and added to my Baker and Taylor order since it hasn't been approved yet. I know they've been busy with a huge project for the elementary schools, but at this rate we'll be lucky to see new books before winter break. I had to look up each book, check to see what grade it was geared for, get the ISBN and log it into my cart. Had one class in today to check out books. They were very wild. I was surprised since I usually have our lunches be the noisiest, but lunches were silent compared to this group! Glad to get more great books on my order! Volleyball scoring again tonight! I love watching all the girls play!

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