The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stump to Bowl

So today I had my aide take the stump I had out for my Giving Tree display up to the wood shop class. The teacher thought he might make a bowl from it, so I'm excited to see if he does that! Took the branches out to my car. Had three classes in today to check out books. Lots of individual students as well coming to work on work sheets, check out books. Science students doing a project on lead in drinking water. Covered more Spanish workbooks. Collected books for book talks tomorrow. Had a sub work on shelving the non-fiction for me. Did some laminating for the firemen that came in to teach students how to do CPR, then take the dummies home to teach their families and community. So they had lesson sheets they had me laminate. Was so glad to do that! Did some more laminating after that as well. Got in a bunch of textbooks from South HS that were Leslie books that were turned in over there from former Leslie students (I actually remembered one of them!).

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