The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Today was pretty easy. We only had one class come in for new math books (which I had forgotten about after talking with the sub just this morning...!) There were a ton of books to check in. Checked out a class set of science books to Mrs. C, then checked in three class sets of books from Mr. G. Got to spend some time looking at the websites we visited last week and put together a quick "Look at this! Look at that!!" Piece to send out to all our Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies teachers. I also sent that out to our special ed teachers since one of the links has a 'reader' function for research reports. Put away all the rest of the non-fiction after a lovely helper in the office came down and did some. Did a bunch of laminating and finally had to change the laminating rolls. I really dread doing that but today went pretty slick and easy. Asked about getting the new phone extensions for everyone and our PA put together a Google doc for us to all add in our new numbers. Sent in a request for adding in some books I found last year when I was doing inventory that didn't have working barcodes. So I sent in the ISBN's, barcodes, title and spine label. Seemed to be easier than sending in the books, but we'll see what the office says.

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