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Monday, October 17, 2016

Hands Are Not for Hurting

At least I am more on top of this than Banned Book Week! Today starts Hands and Words are not for Hurting week here at school. The focus this year is on "Who is the most important woman in your life?"  So after a great email from one of our counselors, I brought out our books of strong women and then set up a craft table for students to make their own hands to display here in the library. They do it in the Commons, but here I wanted them to also consider putting in the name of the most important woman of their life on the hand. I had several students from both lunches do it and I believe that some were doing it as I left from our after school program. I also did four book talks today. Two on the Library of Congress talk and one on some of our non-fiction, 600's, 700's and 921's. Checked in three classrooms of math books. Not to mention checking in and out a ton of books today! I was so happy that two of the classes I booktalked had aides here to help me out! Found that one of our books wouldn't come up in our search, so I sent the title to our office and there was a glitch in the MARC record, and they fixed it. Then I tackled our Scholastic books for the book fair, reading a chapter of each until I got the gist of them. I think tomorrow we'll be a bit more quiet! I'll hopefully get the library in better order!

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