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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shake it Out!

Today we participated in the Great Shake Out along with a ton of people all over the country. Unfortunately, it was during a nasty bit of rain and wind, but staff had been given a heads up so we were prepared, got the kids under desks, then outside and back in quick as could be. It really was the quickest we'd ever been out and back in. Book talks happened today, three of them! I did my Library of Congress speech and I am so loving to do that! Included Kate DiCamillo, past National Ambassador for Young People's Literature and Gene Luen Yang, our current Ambassador. Then I talked about Margaret Peterson Haddix who will be at the Salem Public Library next Thursday. Had four classes in our computer lab. Checked in and out a ton of books. My first period aides put all their books away this morning, and I have a full cart ready for them to put away tomorrow! I got all the non-fiction put away today. Laminated for three teachers, maybe four?? Sent off some books for processing from one of our students who donates books to us. Sent off book requests for Sasquatch by Roland Smith and two books on the Maori from Australia. Added a book onto my book cart. I will just keep adding until they send it in! I am so hoping books come in before winter break. 

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