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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Immigration and Forensics

Today I had four classes in for book talks and two were on immigration and two were on police business like forensics! Wow, that was a jump to go from one to another! I collected books then talked about issues with both of them and what our library has to offer in the way of resources. It was really fun, but when the first class checks out all the books I've pulled, sometimes it's hard to get a second set as good as the first set!! Checked out more of our 'Blind Date' books. Had some boys in the hall today that were just, defiant, but didn't really care to be mean or angry. Just didn't want to answer my questions ("where are you supposed to be?" They just shrugged) oh my. I ended up sending an email to our behavior specialists about them after following them down the hall and up the stairs. It makes me sad when I see students acting that way. Put all those brain cells to work for good!!! I had laminated some book covers for a teacher so she sent an aide down for me to teach how we put the laminated covers back on. She did a really great job of it! Really made an effort to cover and get our paperbacks ready to check out today and got a whole stack of them done. Loved having my aides with me today as those four classes checked in/out books today. All my aides love doing that the best! Only four more work days for 'Blind Date' with a book and I think my aides are tired of wrapping books, but the students really love to open a book up and see what it is. Some are 'Oh, Cool!!' Others are "Can I turn this in??" So, I tell them they need to read at least 5 pages and keep it overnight. That's the rule!! Otherwise they'd unwrap quicker than we can wrap! Off to mail Valentine's Day cards to my granddaughters!

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