The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Saw that on an ad and liked it and I have an aide with that name, but spelled the correct way! None of my scheduled classes came in today except one! So I had my aides finish up the 8th grade math books for Ms. D and they took the cart up with the 7th grade ones. I'll have them take up the 8th grade tomorrow. I got to put together books on immigration for Ms. K and did a book talk on them that was really fun. The Arrival is one of my favorites and someone checked it out! Also got a new box of books!! My Scholastic order I just sent in last week is back already!! That is exciting! My aides also covered more books today and I got the new books ready to be checked out. Some already had holds on them, so I've put those aside! Did some laminating after school. Got to help score a wrestling match again after school, so just two more to go next week! So fun to see the students in a different venue!

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