The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Super LMA

Yes, I did feel like that today! I had two classes come in to have a book talk on different themes. I found a couple of websites that did themes, then found some books where I could attach a theme to them to show the students. Then I had a ton of students coming in looking for dystopian books and after I ran through my favorite six or so titles, I decided I needed to look up lists, so I knew I had some, but needed to look up others and got together a pretty good list of the books we have on hand. Then I had my aides working on more wrapping for our 'blind dates with books' which I started after my last book talk today. I also did a book talk for the Read 180 kids and was very happy our PA had handed out a list a few months ago on our high interest, low reading level books, so that went very well. I was all over the library today and put in about 5.5 miles walking time! Love it when the kids are excited to check out books and had to laugh this afternoon as our after school students were all into picking out a 'blind date' book! Also had my Battle of the Books students in today for both lunches and that went really well.

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