The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


So yeah, this was supposed to be Friday but I wasn't feeling well and well, just forgot! A nice quiet day in the library was had by all and the students loved our blind date with books! All our books got put away by the end of the day, so that was great! I did some wrapping along with my aides and got a new aide as well for second period. So I now have ten aides! Oh my! Will change my non-fiction display to the bringing in of the slaves on Monday, a kind of walk through history. Sent out some books to other schools. Our IC gave me a list of diversity books and I went through our library catalogue and we had so many more than I thought! She was super excited. We also worked to pull books by and about African Americans from the Everybody books and our myths and legends section for a teacher and came up with 40 to take up to her room on a cart! That was exciting! Biggest challenge? Remembering to take attendance! I almost got them all done today in the initial 15 minutes of class but one! I will get better, I'm sure, or at least hoping!

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