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Friday, February 10, 2017


I did not get any books covered today - because it was craziness in the library! I came in and sent out an email to get all the Homer P. Figg's books in and then I remembered that we were having a class come in to pick up the the new Core Connections V. 2 books and graphing calculators, so I decided to just check a few calculators to make sure they were good to go and NO!!! They were not!! Most didn't even have batteries in them! I quickly began to push batteries (they take 4 AAA's each) and then had to test them to make sure they actually worked! Luckily I had just ordered new batteries and had some, and the office had enough to make it work! Thank goodness! Some students had a calculator already and that helped as well! So a student comes in right before the class to get a book. She's standing at the counter just talking with my aide as the whole class comes in and they are just talking! Not checking out her book!! The other aide did something to her computer and it went down so I had to restart it and then relog into our textbook program (which I had already up and running on both computers when I started this morning!) I was very frustrated!! The whole morning just turned upside down in a matter of moments. The library book student ended up just leaving (but we put her name on the book and have it on the hold shelf) and got all the math students checked out. Then I spent the next period getting more calculators ready for the 3rd period group. Then I decided to go ahead and check all of our T73's (a lot) and T83's (not so much). Making sure they turn on, then removing their batteries. We had quite a few exploded batteries. I marked the ones that were well and truly dead with sharpie on their screens 'DEAD' and withdrew their numbers. Had our groups of math students in still working on projects today. They were quieter than yesterday thank goodness! Three classes in the computer lab, lots of other students in and out. Some for projects (science) some for writing. There was a moment in time where I walked out and no one was in the library but a teacher and I, and I had to take a great big breath of the calmness wafting through! A very productive day even if it wasn't on my plan for the day!

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