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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No More Blind Dates

With books that is! Valentine's Day is now over! Tomorrow what's left will get unwrapped and we'll just do our regular books. My aides found a few more books in their missing/overdue sheets I had done yesterday. I also added pages to our book review binder, about 12 new books in there now. Then, it's getting so big, I decided I really needed to make a list so I can see easier than going through the whole book what I've read and what I haven't. And what my aides have done! I have one page I need to redo because an aide did a review on the same book, so I will take mine out and leave hers. We have a ton of old magazine resources in the library workroom, so today I took some and withdrew them and our IC was so excited. She sorted them out and took them to teachers that use the curriculum they touch on. So much better than them sitting in my workroom gathering dust!! I am so excited!! My PA sent us an email about a Diversity book list they are starting to put together, so I looked it up, and out of 102 books, I already have 36 of them! That made me feel pretty good! Then off to score the wrestling match after school. We finished up just after 6pm. Ready for some great soup and doing a bit of quilting.

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