The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Meeting Push

I thought our principal was hosting a meeting for other principals today so I went to great effort to clean up the library. Checking all the shelves, putting up great books, finding places where my aides had misshelved and fixed that, made sure the racks were all pretty. Then I found out that it was for a meeting for one of our after school programs to meet with some people who might help fund a project. So, it was all for the good anyways! Covered a lot of books today. Had a sub in for a teacher and realized that I hadn't told the teacher about the meeting today so went to the sub and explained what was going on. What a great punter she was! She contacted the teacher that runs our computer classes and the one period we had an issue with, he only had prep, so she got to take her class in there. Most excellent! Glad it worked out! Covered more books today and nearly got them all done! Just three left and all will be well! Made another page for our book binder to take out my review and put in an aide's review instead. I had come in at 6:45 so I could leave at 3:45 for a doctor appointment, so I'm tired! Very busy day tomorrow! Goodnight!

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