The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hi Lo

Had a quiet morning and got all ready for our day. Had two classes in to check in/out. Two classes of math students in to check in/out. Copier issues! New toner, a rack in the 4th drawer that wouldn't lay down right. Got them both taken care of. Didn't have any aides 1st period! Oh my! So I took care of a class then our LMAL (Library Media Assistant Lead) came by to see my school! I had a great time showing her all my stuff and she took pictures. She stayed about 45/60 minutes and we got busy so she took off. Spent time today getting together a Hi Lo list for a couple of classes coming in tomorrow. Low Lexile, High interest is what those books are called. So I used the list I got from our PA then went on the internet to find other books that other people had ranked. Had my aides start to pull those, and I finished them up. Did some laminating today. Had my OBOB kids in. Glad today is over! But still, a great day in the library!

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