The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brit Lit

Processed in four magazines this morning and checked out a class set of The Bean Trees. Took in a lot of money for printing and our new color printer is up and running! So I did a new book review and got that going again. Did Stones into Schools, the latest by Greg Mortenson and since we had the book, I put it right under my review. Checked in a box of First Aid books from Ms. C. I had a student bring back a book and wanted to drop her hold request for Catching Fire, so I looked up how to delete that in the Insignia manual since I'd never done that before and it worked! I wrote up an announcement for students to return books they're done with. We have over 12,000 books out and I'd like to get some of that in before the end of the school year. They are done with quite a few of them and the books are just sitting there, so better to ask that they come in. Checked out some Physics books that kids had turned in and they weren't supposed to. A student and her family came in and they found one of her three books she still had out. I walked the print out up to the office with them, they were going to pay off what they still had out, so I let them know that if they come in, they can get a refund. Also did repairs on British Literature books today. Then I headed home for the Sprague Book Club.

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