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Friday, April 2, 2010

One Week

So, I thought I'd try doing a whole week in one posting, and it just didn't work out too well. So, here is the rest of the week, but I'm not sure in what order!

One day I checked out Algebra 2 V2, covered some of those that hadn't been done yet. Processed 2 teacher magazines and 2 for us. It was like a 3 ring circus today, still doing registration, teachers in the labs and more classes using the tables in here. I also worked a lot of repairs.

I believe on Thursday I checked out holocaust books for Ms. S's class, they all got The Wave and got to pick another reading group book. I got a cart ready with Geometry Connections V2 and First Aid books. I checked in Geometry Connections V1 and checked out the V2. I did a bit more work on a damaged Environmental Science book and some other repairs. I sent some French teacher One Stop Planners over to McKay HS on a teacher request. Mrs. M and I worked on the Lending Library. Had a fire drill and did some price checking on some textbooks.

Wednesday might have been this - We needed to get in some Witness books and they were brought in. Mrs. M got them all checked in and I put them ready for classes. Checked in and out more Geometry Connections V1 for V2. I pulled some Algebra books that needed covers and let Mrs. H's sub work on doing that while I worked more repairs.

Mr. L might have come in Tuesday and picked up some Geometry Connections V2. Mrs. M worked on her "Dancing with the Poets" bulletin board, very clever! I worked on the Lending Library and we'll see if the changes work on both computers. I got to help a student pick out a reading book for his class and also got a call from the office to see if an aide last semester was also an aide this semester. I also did a lot of repairs!

Monday, April 5th: So today I get out of my car, lock the door, and realize I don't have my keys. Somewhere in picking up my book, camera, lunch and all, my keys had fallen between the seats and not into my purse! Argh! It was pouring rain and cold and wind was whipping the trees all up but luckily I had my badge and could get into the building. My mom brought over the spare key from my hubby later! We had a request from a lady who was teaching a class at Willamette University this weekend for some of our current textbooks to use for her class, so Mr. C (the head of Library Media Services) asked us to hook her up. She came today and picked up about 20 books to use. I processed in the last of the Colored People books and also some AutoCAD books. I had to move some things to get all the Colored People books onto the shelves, but the AutoCAD just goes down into the classroom. I shipped out another set of borrowed books, straightened out the back room a bit and worked on some repairs. Put money into print accounts, checked in and out books. It was busy with registration going on in the library today as well as classes in the labs. We'll be that all next week as well.

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