The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today was an assembly day for the prom on Saturday, so I helped to monitor the kids that chose to come to the library rather than go to the assembly. We had a full house for that! Checked out more A Separate Peace. We got in a class set from West HS and I processed them in. I also found one of the borrowed books with crayon marks in it and let the textbook librarian over there know that it came to us with that in it. I let the teacher know that the set had arrived and checked out another class set of A Separate Peace. Checked in a class set of Nineteen Minutes. Worked with the IL for World Languages on her orders for texts for next year, recalculating prices and picking up teacher resources from another school. Checked in and out lots of individual texts. Took down the calendar. Monitored students in the lab today and found another kid on a site called 'Omegle' which states 'talk to a stranger!'. You get just an anonymous person to talk to. Our kid was writing, 'yeah, I'm in school in class and supposed to be working on a project.' Ah, no! I turned in a life ring to our tech department that perhaps this site needs to be blocked, my 'mom' ears are all up on this one and I've seen it come up more and more lately. Also had a couple of kids that were messing about on the computers, so I looked up their names, pulled up which classes they were supposed to be in and contacted the teachers. One teacher said 'he's cutting my class, send him to the office' so I did and made sure he got there. The other teacher said 'Let him know I marked him absent.' but he had already bugged out (he was sitting by the other kid when I sent him to the office). Did more repairs as well.

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