The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Started by pulling The Bean Trees and To Kill a Mockingbird to get ready for today. Ms. L-D brought over her student teacher and introduced us and she told me to get them ready. So, three classes of Bean Trees went out and a class of To Kill a Mockingbird. I had a student come over, and Mr. L came up as we talked. He asked how she was doing and she broke down in tears. A student in several of their classes has been harassing her and today it just got too much. Mr. L said she was safe in his class and I also offered the library as a safe place for her to escape to. She had contacted her counselor and some of her teachers. I told Mrs. H what had happened and she said definitely the student should consider the library her safe place and also talked with the administrator of her grade and will deal with this. No student should be bullied, and it's sad to hear it happened at our school. She came back later in the day and sat with me and we talked while I worked. We still had a set of 10th grade lit books in the back and they are promised to a teacher who has no classroom at the moment, so I labeled them and put them in a safer place. She will hopefully have a classroom next year to house them. I worked on repairs, but found that we may be getting new precalculus books! Yeah! Ours are so old, I was starting to work on them and now we'll just leave them until we hear if they will be surplused and new books coming in. So, I began to work on our Brit Lit books for Mr. S. I also did a lot of monitoring in the computer lab today since we just had open space on my end all day.

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