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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today was the classified monthly meeting and it was our turn to do the snacks for it. So Mrs. M brought in some donuts and tangerines, and I brought in Rachel Ray's Fiesta Salad (with lots of my own add-ins!), mini cinnamon rolls, indulgent trail mix and some juice. I came in a bit early to get it all set up. Mrs. H was absent today, and the sub wasn't a librarian and we also had Mrs. H's proctor student in, so Mrs. M stayed and held down the fort and I went to the meeting. It was fabulous! We had a speaker on how to de-escalate encounters with people and went for an hour and a half (minus the fire drill - a kid threw a ball in the gym and it hit the alarm). Then I cleaned up when the meeting was done. I checked in The Great Gatsby and pulled out all the books that need repairs of one kind or another. North HS called to ask what their status was on books we have checked out to them, and I had a bunch of them that they didn't have. So I copied the list and emailed it over, and they sent it back. Some of those were 10 years overdue! So, the librarian there told me that they had settled all those with a money transfer several years ago before I took the job here. So I cleaned all those up, it made sense. I had a lot of kids ask to view their accounts to see what books they had out and what numbers they had. Lots of individual checking in and out. We got in two boxes of processed books! So I had an aide unpack them and checked them against our list and started working on covering the paperbacks since we didn't have the hardback covers yet. I'm sure they'll come in tomorrow! And the leftover food? Not to worry, our aides managed to make sure we were unemcumbered by hauling home leftovers;)

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