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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Handshake

Today our lab was open all day and I spent a lot of time monitoring the kids on the computers. I had two students I found gaming, and told them to focus. They got up and went over to the other lab. They again were not doing what they were supposed to. So, I e-mailed their teachers and they were told to hed back to class. One went, the other never did. So, I ended up with a lot of student interaction today, something I don't usually do, but it's nice to banter with the kids and take some time with them. I worked mostly on repairs today, checked in/out books all day. Took in a class of Hunger Games. Took in billed books for a student and sent the paperwork to our bookkeeper. Processed two teacher magazines and two for us. I also had a student ask about putting text on a picture in Word so I messed around for a few minutes to test my own skills on that as well. I came in early and then went off to work the track meet this afternoon. One of the discus throwers from another school came and shook my hand for helping out. That was so nice! I also liked the motto they had on their jackets:
What I've withheld,
I've lost.
What I've given,
I've gained forever.

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