The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Helping Out

Mrs. M's calendar for April is on Poetry Month and I love her 'Dancing with the Poets'! She is so creative! Mine is books that have been made into movies. Shipped out more books that were on loan from other schools. I checked on a set and they said that we still had one of the books, so I asked to check again and they found it. Got in the last of Colored People we had ordered so I will finish up the last nine tomorrow after nine more today. Processed three teacher magazines and four for us. Had a mom bring in books and checked them all in and sent her with the list to the bookkeeper, checked in more books and also did a textbook request form for Mrs. B. Also checked in books brought over by one of our security people after cleaning out a locker. Got in three boxes of new books and helped get some covered and on our new book shelf. Finished up the April calendar, with much thanks to Mrs. M for bringing in exposed film for me to use and a big plug here for the Guys and Dolls Sprague musical next week on the poster next to my board!

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