The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LIfe Magazine

We have in our back room an entire case dedicated to old copies of Life magazine. They are nicely bound in book volumes, about two months in each. One of our teachers asked if she could use some in class this week, so I went over and checked the dates. She was looking for the 1930's and we only start in 1937, so I asked if she also wanted the 40's as well. She said yes, so I pulled a whole cart of them and had an aide take them down to her room. Some of these collections aren't in very good shape, so I talked with Mrs. M about that we need to work on checking out the bindings and pages. Kind of fun to look through them a bit! Pulled all our copies of A Separate Peace for Mr. M's class. When he called to say they were coming, I had them all ready - sometimes he doesn't call before they come, so I was ready! Helped Mrs. H with our DVD collection, we took the 'library' copies of our social study DVD's and put them on her shelf, locked back in her office. Worked on more repairs today. Had a student want to come and work on a project during study hall, so I wrote her a note. Didn't see her come back, so I called down, and yes, she'd come and with Mrs. M's help we tracked her down. Poured rain today and I found myself looking up at the skylights a few times as the rain pelted against them!

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