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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Wave

Today I ran off all the textbook status reports for all the departments. This will show them how many books we have in and also how many are out (are all of them out? You may need to order more for next year!) and how many have been billed, paid or lost, also other reasons you may need to order more! Mrs. H had a meeting with all the instructional leaders this afternoon for textbook orders so the reports will be handy! Ms. T from Willamette brought back the books she had taken on Friday and took 20 Sociology books for today. Ms. S brought in her kids to check out The Wave and they also had reading groups to check out some other books on the holocaust. They have groups that will read a different book and then report to the others who haven't read it. We had gotten in a new book repair catalogue so I looked over some of the items in it and then gave it to Mrs. M to see if she possibly wanted any of the items there. Had to bill a student for a wet Geometry Connections V. 1 book and tried to bill a student for a brand new Bien dit! book that she'd written in, but she's no longer at our school, so I can't access her account. We have a teacher coming to trade in Algebra 2 books so I pulled those this afternoon and got them ready and worked on some more repairs.

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