The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Today I came in early because I was off to a funeral this afternoon. I also found out one of our teachers also knew the boy. This young man graduated from the area just last year. It could have been any student from here. It made me really appreciate even more the community here at Sprague. Mrs. M also was amazing today. One of our exchange students is going to a prom up in Portland with some of the other exchange students, but she didn't have a dress. So Mrs. M went out and bought two dresses this weekend for her to try and see if she'd like to have one for the prom. She is an amazing person, and the girl was so excited. I worked on writing up the textbook request forms for 5 of the teachers. Did research on the best place to purchase. One of our teachers forgot that we had an entirely new set of books for her. So I tracked her down and showed her the new books and we got that cleared up! She even found her teacher materials I had given her earlier this year. I checked out a class set of First Aid books, processed two teacher magazines and two for the library, and I worked on repairs the rest of the day. As I sit here at home, the memorial service was honoring, and it was so worth being there, being present at this time for his family. Rise in glory Levi.

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