The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Just really cool date today! Got back late last night and glad to be at work so I can relax! Got to sit in on a group for the LLI class today and enjoyed watching Mrs. F work with her students. Had one student that I decided to report to the counselor. Since we are mandatory reporters, I felt I needed to, so I did. Got back and had a little bit of time to shelve books. Went up to Mrs. M's room and she was absent. I swept the floor, then when the sub came in and didn't have anything for me to do, I told him I'd rather be working in the library, so he said yes, and would I agree to bring up the kids from music class? So I did that. Had about half an hour with them listening to them read, and then my lunch. Cafeteria and trash dumping, then half an hour of library time checking in books and a bit of shelving. Then two hours up in the classroom helping with a bit of art project with our wonderful art volunteer Ms. J. Then had to take a student downstairs to the office since they didn't feel well. Back up for some math work. Then back down to the library and running books checked out lists for all the classes this week. Found out I have a meeting to go to on Thursday, so sent an email to Ms. S and Ms. T. Yeah! Tomorrow is Wednesday, my favorite day! 6 hours of library time! Huzzah!

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