The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Growing Leaves

Today I worked after school was out (our early out day at 1:15) on putting up all the student 'book leaves' on my tree bulletin board. Still looks a little rough, but hopefully I'll get it into shape here soon. Checked in books this morning, turned on computers. Was doing a lesson on fantasy for LLI this morning, so I grabbed some books from the library to use to show fantasy vs. fiction. Since we were doing a  lesson on How Bear Lost His Tail, I also used the constellation Ursa Major to show the kids that bears really had long tails at one time! They were pretty impressed (I think...). Then off quickly to the library for my four classes in a row day. I had one class that needed to still do their 'leaves' so they got busy and did that. I had one class I really had to yell at. I told them that when my husband asks how my day went, I get sad when I tell him that all I do is yell at kids all day. They were better after that. There's always a few though that really want to yank my chain! Enjoyed reading Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book to the older kids. Cafeteria dumped. Sent Ms. T an email on the keyboard site that LMSS has set up for the different grades since the kids will have to type for their testing this year. She was thankful and sent it out to the teachers. Finished off the day with reports of books due for Friday classes and put them in the teacher boxes as I left!

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