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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bush Library Leaves

Finished up my newsletter today and sent it out to staff. Take a look:

Good morning all,
   This will hopefully happen about every month and let you know of what is going on in the library and any other notes I may have!

   Remember! Long breaks are coming and you can order in a book from any of the SKSD libraries. Want a Grisham? I just read from Sprague - Playing for Pizza  about a third string quarterback who ends up in the Italian football (yes, the American kind!) league. It was fun! On the library search - if you scroll down to the bottom of the libraries, it will say "All Libraries", put in a book or author and it should tell you if it is available in the district. You all have district accounts and can order one in! Let me know, I'll send in the request and it will be sent here! Easy Peasy!

   Thankfulness - our word for the month. I'm telling the kids on their library visits how grateful we should be that amazing people have given us public libraries for anyone to check out any book they want. Something I am very grateful for!

   I am also working on a bulletin board on "Thankful for Good Books" where I hope to start next week having kids draw their favorite book cover and putting their book 'leaf' on a tree I'm working on! I hope that parents and students will come in during conferences and enjoy our great library, scope out some of the books I'll have out on display and students can show parents their favorite books on the tree.

   Highlighted authors for the month - I'm also working on a bulletin board to highlight our Read-A-Long authors for each month - this month's authors are:
Lois Ehlert
Kevin Henkes
P. D. Eastman
William Steig
Rosemary Wells
Marc Brown
Astrid Lindgreen
Daniel Pinkwater
Jean Fritz
Gloria Whelan
Mordicai Gerstein
C. S. Lewis (one of my all time faves!)
Madeleine L'Engle (another fave!)
Christopher Paolini
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Neil Gaiman (Good Omens with Terry Pratchett, what a hoot!)
Charles Schulz
Lousia May Alcott

   Yes, I've actually checked out a book from here - Basho and the River Stones. My son has a cat named Basho after the 15th century poet and master of the Haiku and I was shocked to see we had a book about him! It is a fable of gratefulness, where a fox tries to trick Basho into giving him all rights to the one cherry tree on Basho's property, but Basho instead shows the fox what is really important in life.

   I have for this year, an extra hour in the library and hope to use it to enhance the resources here at Bush and for our students. I am available from 7:45 to 4:15 most days and there is a calendar on the cupboard behind my desk that shows where I am out and about at if I'm not in here.

   Also - November is National Novel Writing Month! I have done Nanowrimo for seven years but decided to have a break this year. Nano is a great program where you are encouraged to write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November! That is the adult side! They also have an amazing Young Writer's Program for young children where the children can pick how many words they'd like to try and write for the month. There are teacher resources, lesson plans and workbooks available! Go here to find out more:   Want to try it yourself?  Go here:  We have a great regional group that meets once a week on the weekend down at Salem Public Library. You can catch the event times and whereabouts on the library event page or sign up for the region on the Nano site where you can get all the fun and facts about our amazing region!

  That's enough for this month! Happy Thankful Reading!

Have already had two staff people say they loved it. Put my heading on my 'book leaf' bulletin board today and worked on my November authors board as well. Had four classes in for reading and check out. The older kids were terrible! A teacher had to come in twice to tell them to be quiet because there was a class in the computer lab taking a test. I felt bad for them. Had my LLI class this morning, and cafeteria dump duty, but the rest of the day was blessed library time! I hope that my newsletter sets the mood for what great things can happen when a library media assistant actually has time to do some things!

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