The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Did another sit and watch during the LLI class today. I might have to 'teach' tomorrow while Mrs. F watches to see how I do, but I was too busy today to talk with her and get prepared for it. Had in another four classes today and got three of them to do their 'Thankful' book leaves. Not sure how often I'll do that, but it sure takes up time in the library! Cafeteria dumped. Worked in Mrs. M's class today with reading and then after another library class back up for math. Then about 3:30 off to Myers Elementary for my first Library Elementary meeting. It ended up getting out about 4:45. I won a book! For the library of course. They picked my name out of the grab bag box first! I was excited and picked "Tallulah's Nutcracker" all pretty and blingey cover :) We had just finally gotten all our Flying Rhino books out to the teachers but I learned we also have vimeo to share the videos that accompany the books. So, I will send a notice out about that tomorrow. The rest of the info I'll keep for my December 'leaf' newsletter. Productive day.

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