The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Taking Over

Took over Mrs. F's LLI class today and she evaluated my teaching style and was very pleased with it. Since I really had no prep time for the lesson, I thought I did really well. Got all choked up and cried a bit in front of Mr. M today. I thought maybe I had passed a turning point, but maybe not. Had a lot of my Kinder's in today and still haven't made bookmarks for some of them. Got all my classes to make their 'leaves' for my tree, maybe? Except one, maybe? The power went out at second lunch today and for awhile there was the thought we'd have to close up school, but it came back on. I had my last Kinder class in right after lunch and I told them we didn't need lights to read! Ordered some of the tape I used at Sprague to mend books and a new Bush stamp with city and state on it. Did cafeteria dump. Worked in Mrs. M's class this afternoon and had a group with cookie wars and arrays. My first two groups I thought were a total disaster, but the last group worked fairly well and that made me at least not want to jump out the second story window! Worked the library after school, just straightening up the shelves, they were a mess. And all I did was the non-fiction and fiction. Didn't even get started on the everybody books or do the shelving I needed to do. Did get a cart out of the server room so I could put one of the TV's in there. The cart had a ton of book boxes on it, and they all shoved those into my little back room, oh well. If they get the file cabinets out of there I'll put the computer cart in there. That will get all the equipment off the library floor.

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