The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Autumn Wind

That's the concert tonight and I got to hear a bit of it today near the end of school as they practiced for the show tonight. Checked in books, ran reports, off to LLI. Back in for just half an hour and then off to Mrs. M's class. Helped put progress reports in envelopes, split out Scholastic magazines, listened to kids read. Back for lunch, back for cafeteria duty/dump. Since the program is tonight they had the curtain up and it comes out into the cafeteria, so the tables were different. We'd been told to try and keep the kids away from the curtains, so when they started to dump, the other folks were having them walk down the curtains with their trays and I ran up, 'No! Go the other way!' so they did and the kids with trays walked on the other side and when they were done, then they walked down the curtain side. Worked much better. Told the second lunch people about it and we did it then too. Since it was raining I told Mr. M that I'd love to have a group in the library on rainy days when the kids stay in. We'll see! Got all the Everybody books shelved after school today and rounded up books to read from our author list on the Read-A-Loud list. Looked up and yikes! Time to go! Loved seeing the kids work on their Mayflower ship drawings. One kid had the planks on the side of the ship with nail holes! Cute!

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