The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I missed a whole half hour in Mrs. M's class today. Totally did not even see it on my schedule even though it was there. I felt really bad. Had another four classes in today for reading, got all the fiction shelved from last week. Sorted out all the non-fiction and Everbody books so I can start shelving them tomorrow. Did LLI and my cafeteria duty. Worked again up in Mrs. M's room for an hour before the kids went home. They were doing a math test and then they had fun with a counting video where they got to get up and dance with the counting. They had fun and our principal came and did it too. Took some new pics, took down a torn poster. Need to repair it and laminate it. The kids seem so uninterested in behaving. Every day we have to quiet down the cafeteria. Almost every class I have in has someone misbehaving. It gets really tough repeating yourself every day. Sigh Worked on my sub notes, hopefully that will help me as well not forget where/when I'm supposed to be. Got Monday and Tuesday printed out.

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