The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I spend the least amount of time in the library on Tuesdays, so it's kind of a sad day for me. Worked LLI this morning and thought I'd be getting some training, but I guess that will be next week when my current little group will graduate out because they are now reading at class level. Printed out reports to teachers of kids who have books out for tomorrow's classes. Spent a lot of time in Mrs. M's class today, some of it reading, she even let me go down to the library for a bit because she didn't have much for me to do while the kids were at another activity (PE maybe?). I turned on computers for her in the upstairs lab - they take forever to load! - so they'd be ready when the kids were back and ready to do some Scholastic work. Got a key from our office assistant and got some supplies from the Nelson Room to start working on the bulletin board I want to do. Didn't like the letters they have on their cutting board, so I made do with letters off of the fonts from the computer. Worked on cutting those out today and got most of it done before I left. Checked in a lot of books today. Helped Mrs. M's class with math all afternoon and the kids are getting to know me. Sent out an email to our office manager and Ms. T that I'm putting in a bit of extra time so I can leave early on Friday for my trip to Seattle since I had bought the tickets before I knew I'd be changing schools.

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