The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mint M&M's

Came in today and as I walked from my car, Mr. M handed me a big bag of Christmas Mint M&M's. He's noticed I eat a one portion bag about every day when I'm done with lunch, so I thought it was funny. Watered the plants because I forgot them on Friday. Just had a meeting in LLI today, then worked the library for a bit. Finished up my November authors bulletin board and got books for my one class today. Focus is on authors this week so read a William Stieg book (the author of Shrek! kids liked that!). Helped do some report card stuff for Mrs. M this morning. Then had to take a student downstairs to the LLI room. Helped read with the kids a bit then turned on the upstairs computer lab. By the time I got that all going, it was time for my lunch. My stomach was growling! Helped out our Head Start teacher today during my lunch, I hate to turn someone away. Then she asked if I would read to the Preschool kids and I said I'd love to, but it's not my decision. She'd have to ask Ms. T. Ate, did my hour of cafeteria/dump duty and left a few minutes early to be ready for Mrs. L's class. Read to them and had them do their 'leaf' for my bulletin board. Just a few more classes to do! Then back up to Mrs. M's class after helping another teacher, and they were headed down to the gym, so I walked with them and there was something crazy going on. The kids from several classes were rotating around, gym, the library computer room, I'm not sure what was going on ~~ the last class was out of the computer lab because a teacher had reserved it, and another teacher was reading, but they left and went back to class, so I had a whole class to read to for about 25 minutes before school was over for the day, so I picked up Stuart Little and started to read. The boys were all squirrely, or maybe I should say mousey? But we made it to the end of the day and off they went. Had a sub come in and she helped put books in order on one of the carts while I shelved Everybody books and straightened out that section. So nice to have help!! Didn't get it all done, but it looks better.

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