The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Listened in with another group in the LLI room today and picked up more tips and hints. Had three groups in the library today. My one 4/5 blend did not get to come into the library today. They were my worst group last week, and when one of our people came and said would I be disrupted if they didn't come, I was glad! They were pretty bad last week. So I just had a partial group come in, about six kids and they were great. What a treat! Had the other groups work on their 'book leaves' for my tree bulletin board. Did cafeteria dump duty. Then the kids all left at 1:15. I was so excited! I could do some shelving and listen to my brand new Gaelic Storm CD I got last weekend!! But no, the teachers all came in at 2 and stayed for the entire afternoon and the last group left when I did - argh! I really needed the space/music therapy! Felt very depressed all day and could have let go and cried today, but didn't. Even texted hubby about that. Just kept it bottled up and worked like crazy. Mr. M said I was like the energizer bunny. No, just lots to do and not enough time to do it, and if I work hard, I won't have time to cry. Shelved all the non-fiction and regular fiction today, so only had the everybody books left and didn't want to shelve them because the teachers were all around that area. Put up a few more author bios on that bulletin board. Looked for some books for some teachers. Checked out some books to Mrs. M and another Ms. M. Got in a book I requested for some adult reading!

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