The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Had a good day. Graduated out my LLI class today and they were ready to go! Had in one of our 5th grade classes today and they were all very well behaved! Might have been because our principal sat in the class with me today, but still, they were fabulous. Ms. T also pulled me aside and told me how much people love having me here. They had said nice things at the Crystal Apple Awards last night, so that was nice of her to let me know! She also asked what she needed to do to help me get out of here tonight since I had made plans before I was informed of the move to catch the train up to Seattle, but I told her I had it all under control. I had worked three extra 15 minute shifts Monday - Wednesday so I could leave at 3:30 today. That was so kind of her! But I managed to work everything out. Worked upstairs for half an hour after lunch for my last class of the week. Then back down to read. Then another hour upstairs, run down, turn off computers, close windows and I'm on the road (ok, so the ride up to Portland was on the Amtrak throughway bus!) and looking forward to a great weekend with my daughter!

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