The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


That's how much our Scholastic Book Fair has sold already! Yeah! So I'm hoping with conferences starting tomorrow night, we'll be way ahead of our last fair! Had my aides work on the math books. Some of them worked on redoing the shelves in the back, others made sure all the books we are deleting are checked in, and then deleting them. Deleted old emails, just because I really needed to! Laminated tonight and we were so close to the end of the roll I was really hoping that we'd have enough film to make it through and we just barely made it! If I'd had to laminate another row or two, I would have had to change it! Whew! I will change it tomorrow on my long day. Working 7am - 8pm tomorrow for conferences. Put out book fair signs in the morning and put them in my car on my way home tonight. Made up notices to put on our book fair flyers that people can also purchase online up through March 26th, so I'm hoping to get more sales in that way. Had one of my kids work on that who is paying off a book fine. Let a few kids in after school to finish some things up since conferences start tomorrow. One of the kids is in the library all the time, so I asked him "you are in here all the time? what's up?" and he showed me his report card, 4.0! Good going! I was very impressed! Checked in and out a few books here and there. Did some shelving myself this afternoon. Balanced the book fair receipts (they came out perfectly!).

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