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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Permission Granted

To surplus the old books! Yeah! I have 60 boxes, so tomorrow we will load the pallets and call Garten to come and pick them up! I'll be glad they are gone and that is the last of the huge sets of books. After this it will be a bit easier.  Seemed like a constant trail of students this morning all with issues that needed to be addressed by me. We had several classes in to exchange their books. Had to look for some books and found one at least! Had our science fair kids in and they had taken all the search computers so other kids couldn't access the Accelerated Reader program because the new computers don't have it installed. Sent in a tech support life ring to get that done. Asked the science fair kids if they could give up one so we could have it for students to do the AR test and they graciously said 'of course!' Also sent an email to the AR people to see what it might cost to get the new online version which should also give us more and current titles for students to use. I now have admin rights to our print program! Huzzah! Now when they can't print I can look up to see if they have any money in their accounts and see if that's a reason. Another tech support life ring to make sure all the new computers have access to the main library printer. Another email out to our principal to see if we want to restrict our generic login to just our computers at the school and what that would entail. Every computer in the school? Just the labs? Just one lab? The high school is noticing some students use our generic login instead of their own personal login, not a good policy! Had a girl I had to switch from one class in the AR testing to another. Watched over a couple of kids after school. One who had her brother in after school detention and couldn't leave until he did. Another trying to get a paper written before tomorrow since grades hit the books Friday. Finally today I took our surplussed books and deleted almost all of them that were still on from our system so they are well and truly gone. 

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