The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hum Drum

Today was pretty hum drum. Nothing spectacular happened, but lots of little stuffs. Got in and set up the book fair signs. Took money up to our bookkeeper for her to put in her safe. Came out perfect this afternoon on my little bit of sales! Had another LMA send an email that a student had claimed he turned in a book, but the bill was still on, so I poked around his account and let our bookkeeper know that he no longer had the book, but still had the bill, so she will delete it. Sent in $$ for going away gift for our LMSS people who are leaving, only to find out one of them isn't leaving! Oh well! Had a mom call about three books her son had three years ago and never paid. I looked for them, and we didn't have them, so I gave her a couple of options to make the $$ good. Two of them were old and dated, so she will work out something. Sorted through our carts to get the new hardback books all stripped and ready to go out on the shelves after break and the paperbacks ready to get stripped and covered. My awesome parent volunteer stripped all the new hardbacks and started to cover the paperbacks. Got in some science fair books that one of our teachers had donated and they had catalogued them for our professional section, but, I want them out where students can see them, so I edited their call number and they will be out in the main library. Opened up the boxes of long pointers a teacher had ordered and she bought me one (So could use that some days!!) and she will pick out others for some of her special cohorts. Had a bit of a staff meeting and a student waited very patiently for his mom to arrive after school to buy his picks from the book fair. The projector cart we keep in here wouldn't show the doc camera, so I looked and noticed the doc camera port was in the wrong connector. Voila! 

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