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Thursday, March 12, 2015

DEATH be not proud

Today I got in and took the book fair signs out to the fence and along the school driveway to put up. I had a couple of students come to help me. Offered them a Lion's Share, but they didn't want it. I was grateful for their help! Sold a ton today. Had both my volunteers in to help work today so we got a lot done. Books all put away, some stripping done. CCSS labels put on. I had a lot of fun selling the books. At the end of the day a mom called and said her son didn't get his $4 in change from a book sale, so I counted out the money and was actually 50 cents short. I called her back and we talked, so I will make good on that if he comes in tomorrow to claim it. Last thing I did was put all the signs from outside in the back of my car so I can just put them up when I come in in the morning. I just don't trust leaving them up all night.

And now for an announcement from DEATH: I SAW SIR TERRY PRATCHETT LEAVING YOUR WORLD TODAY. A TRUE SHAME. WE RODE MANY TRAILS TOGETHER. HIS LIKE WILL NOT BE SEEN AGAIN.      :( One of my all time favorite authors. I belly laughed reading his books more than anyone else. So sad.

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