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Monday, March 30, 2015

We're Back!

Had a lovely spring break over in Kauai! But today we were back to work! Scholastic came and picked up the stuff from the book fair, so I was glad to get the tables back in their accustomed space. The library lab is now booked for OAKS testing, so it's imperitive that the kids are quiet in here. So library traffic was much reduced. Our office manager made a great set of signs for the doors. They are huge, fill the window space and are bright pinkish! If that doesn't stop people from coming in, nothing will! Except me :)  I did kick out a couple of kids today who were not behaving properly. Shelved some of the 920 and 921's. Made a 'New Books' sign. Looked for a lost book. Asked another LMA if a student could work to pay off his fine and she said that he would have pay. She had her reasons so I will let him know! Mr. M came in looking for another document camera and I didn't really have one available. I felt bad. One of those tasks I have just sluffed off, checking them all and seeing if they can be reset or not. He said that he'd like to know when we get down to one, then do this instead of waiting until we don't have any, and he's right. I got four of them set for surplus today along with a projector, so hopefully M made it over from technology to pick them up in the office. Sent in the count from a Language Arts teacher who sent in her Statewide materials to be barcoded. I had to check first and make sure all the materials were in the boxes, then send that list of everything to LMSS. Another teacher asked if we could check out to her class on Wednesday, so I told her that since we are testing, maybe we could try what Mrs. K does. She sends me the list of students with their ID#'s and we check the books out to the students and write the number of the book alongside the name, then just take the cart up rather than having the kids come down. She liked that idea so my aides got that all completed today and took the cart of books up to her. Then Mrs. H came in lastly and needed the new graphing calculators checked out to her. So I gave her 42 (the answer to life, the universe, and everything!) and the batteries. She will have her aides put batteries in the calculators tomorrow! Lovely day out the windows today and got to watch some of our students out working the garden! Nice!

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