The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Whistle Blower

That's right. At one point the library was so loud during 2nd period, I went to a drawer and pulled out an old steel whistle and blew it. It was really loud. Hurt my ears. Cut the noise down though! We had one class in looking for reading books. Another getting the new math books. A class in the computer lab and one of our science fair projects in there and it was crazy! Got the rest of classes checked out today, five for the math, one for books. Computer lab filled all day. Got the rest of the withdrawn books all marked and withdrawn and desensitized. Glad the day was done and had the library to myself. Put books up on shelves and straightened here and there.  Went to Mrs. K's room and she had decorated her door with signs the kids made on 'The Places We'll Go'. It was so fabulous! They all picked at least high school and a few picked colleges as well. She asked me to come by and I'm glad I did :)

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