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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Book Fair

Today all our Scholastic Book Fair stuffs arrived, we got it in a day earlier than last time, so hopefully we'll have a bit better of a turn out. I kept the big boxes all buttoned up today, and I decided that all the little stuffs I'd keep in the back textbook room. That way I'll have a bit more control over what disappears from there. I had some peg board in the back, so I put them out and taped the little stuff onto construction paper with the price for those items (like tan, $4.99 and all the things for that price taped on there). So that turned out nice. There was a bit of the little stuff still on the book cases, so I took all that out and put it in the back too, and filled the pockets with books. So we really have no little things out there. I'm sure we'll still lose some things, but not the free for all it was last time. I used a table in the back, then put stuff in boxes and put empty boxes underneath to raise them up! It worked well! We also got in a ton of spanish titles as well since I asked for them and some of our parents will be pleased. There was quite a bit of lower level books, and I didn't put them out. Maybe I will for conferences, but not now. I also remembered, oh no! I need change!! So I had to run to the bank and get change on my way home. Sent out an email today on the generic sign in for the computers at school, so those will be the only ones students can use it on. Worked with one of our technicians today on getting the lab ready tomorrow for the 8th grade forecasting. A teacher asked for some books and I looked to see we had the amount she wanted, but they were all scattered across the district, so she decided not to do that. Another teacher wanted to see if she could get the hand pointers at a discount if she bought 50 of them! That would be awesome! We'll see what we hear back. 

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