The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Today I think my first and second period aides loved getting outside and helping me put boxes on the three pallets that were delivered. We got all the boxes on the pallets! I had called early this morning to let them know I'd be doing this. So when we were done, I called and left a message that they were out there and we had finished. But when I left after 4 today, I drove around back and noticed they were still there. So I went back in the library and called and left another message. I hope they come and pick them up! I think I'll also send an email to Garten to let them know at that end that the boxes are there and ready for them. Busy day! Again, kids all over the place, trying to finish up work. Science fair kids trying to finish up their projects since the Fair is Saturday down in Eugene. Mr. C, the head of our Library Media Services came by this afternoon and I was so multitasking I barely had time to spend with him! He got to talk with students though and I think he really enjoyed that. Cleared off the rest of the textbooks we were sending off. Lots of emails. Lots of students needing help! Had my volunteer work on weeding out the auto/biographies. Helped Ms. V, our instructional coach move tables around in the library for her meeting tomorrow and cleaned the tables for her too! Wanted the library very pretty and all perfect for the teachers coming in tomorrow for that. Showing off! Shelved books today as well. Put out more of the Newbery's on our rack. Turned off everything for the long weekend. Only half a day tomorrow and I will be over at Walker for our Middle School Library Media Assistant's PLC.

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