The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Half Day

Today was a half day for me. The district has a half day of Professional Developement and then a half day of grading. Since I don't grade, I only work half. Went to West Salem and Walker Middle School for our PLC for two hours and we talked Destiny stuffs for our textbooks. When we got done, I went back to my school and the pallets of books were all gone! Yeah!! I fired up our computer we use for inventory and started doing inventory on our Language Arts textbooks since we had just gone over all that. I got done all our Prentice Hall books and that was exciting because it let me know some were lost, and two were even still checked out to a teacher. I had to learn to run those books twice. Once for the notice, then again for the inventory. After work I went over to Escape Fiction and talked with the owner and he is great with schools and all local as well! Our Leslie community can take old books to them and I will get half the price to spend there on books for our library! Awesome!! Not to mention used books I can get half off with a 15% discount! Nice! I will look forward to working with them in the fall!

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