The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Forecasting Book Fair

Not only our first good rain in awhile but the library lab was closed all day so the 8th graders could do their forecasting for their first year of high school. So we had in classes all day and when they got done, they would come and browse the book fair! Yes, it's all set up and great! I even had sales today! Nearly $50 which almost paid me back the $60 I personally took out of my checking account last night so I'd have change today! I was only 7 cents off when I balanced tonight, so far, so good! Had other students in using the library today and had to use the other computer for my email since I had my Scholastic terminal hooked up to my office computer for online payments. It worked well though, so I was surprised I could use the other computers so well. Paper for the copier, fixing jamming problems. Checked in calculators for Mr. G and we had an awesome conversation! 

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