The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Busy Day

Yes, it was! I turned around every few minutes and another hour had flown by. Checked out science books today, cleaned up my office, fished through 30 emails (probably!). Had to reset all the Insignia links for the update they did Friday. Had four other classes in checking out books. Redid our book displays to highlight strong women since March is Woman's month. Had a substitute come in looking for work so she helped check out and shelved all our Newbery books I had out. I also weeded through the auto/biographies and had her shelve the ones I decided to keep. Had to call the office and get more copy paper! I had ordered some, but when I put the last two reams in the copier I called up to ask, and our normal secretary wasn't up there, but there were my six boxes of paper! So I asked her to call the custodian and he brought them all down, thank goodness! Withdrew all the auto/biographies I decided to weed. Had to talk to a couple of my aides about behaviors. Now on to tomorrow!

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