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Friday, March 13, 2015

Last Sale

Today we had more book sales. Checked out three classes of books and had two classes in to check out the book fair. Had classes in the lab for four periods today and our various and assorted crew of science kids, study hall kids and others. Got in almost all my backlog of books I've sent over to LMSS since last November!! So excited to get them, but with the book fair, I won't put them out until after the book fair, too distracting!! Had to check them all in, and I had about 7 different sets of lists of books I've sent in. So I finally found all the books but about 6 of them. Some of them (about 6) were from the previous librarian (yes, she was a certified teacher/librarian!) from last May! I asked if we could get the book fair on the school website and Mr. M said sure! So hopefully we'll get more sales off the online book fair. At the end of the day I had just closed up the terminal for the book fair and a couple came in with their daughter to buy. I turned them away, but Mrs. V brought them back and said they could at least pick out some things and keep them until Monday. I ended up going ahead and restarting the terminal so I could sell to them and they could have their stuff for the weekend. The girl Mrs. V said has a hard time reading at all, so anything to get her to read was to be encouraged. They even helped out unhelpful me by making sure they paid in correct change so I didn't have to do anything but put the money in the bag for today. That was terribly gracious to ungracious me. Then best part of the day was having my daughter and granddaughters stop by to see where I work. We checked out books for the girls and went outside and the girls helped me take down the book fair signs and picking the daisies in the grass. 

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