The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, January 25, 2016

29 in 27

Sent out 27 emails today for 29 books! I think that's a record for me!  - So here we go! The clock I super glued on Friday got put back on the shelf. 36 science books pulled and checked out to Mrs. C and delivered upstairs. 6 dictionaries pulled and checked out and taken up to Mrs. B. Book talk in first period about OBOB and the five titles I read. Back to my office and work on the 27 emails to different schools for 29 different books! Our students are really taking advantage of district resources! That took awhile. Took down my civil rights books and replaced them with books about Native Americans for the social studies department. Put away all the non-fiction today (there are more than fiction books because all the students are doing non-fiction for reports at the moment!). Put away all the math and science books that had been just put on a cart. Put away all the LIT sets I had been getting back. Of course we were checking in/out today like normal too! Did another OBOB book talk for 5th period then it was already 6th period it seemed. Had a student come and sign in and left. So I signed her out. She came back 20 minutes later. We talked about that. Started to get in the Breaking Through books I requested last week, and I think we will have plenty for two class sets. The two teachers are very happy about that! Love my job!

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