The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Cleaning House

My office looks so much better! I am breathing a sigh of relief that it is nearly back to a manageable degree of works in progress! Instead of four carts of books in there, I only have two. My desk to the right and left of the computer is now workable space! Huzzah! Did normal checking in and out today, shelved all the non-fiction. Cleaned up our library computer cart. Mr. M asked me to make the cart more user and after user friendly, so I labeled the connector cords and numbered each end to where they should go, put a sheet on the monitor that they need to fill out and tape to my office door with a notice to please put cords back where they belong for the next person! Sent off my book order requests to my supervising librarian and tried to come up with my blurb for the newsletter and just couldn't get anything good to come. Argh. So I need to have that done by Tuesday! Three day weekend coming up! See you on Tuesday!

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