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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Book Talks

Spent three periods today doing an OBOB book talk for classes coming in to check out books. Talked about OBOB and book talked five of the ten books we're doing for that. We checked in and out a ton of books today. Sent in my order for January books. So I'm glad that's out of the way! Had to take the books I wanted off the librarian order and put in their ISBN's into an excel sheet. Luckily I could pull up the file they sent and just copied and pasted that. So much better. I just need to check what's left in my budget before they send it in. Sent out another fabulous book recommend for Flawd. Stripped more books today and got out my rolling new book rack to display even more of the new books. Talked with Scholastic about our book fair coming in March. Found 10 fiction books someone had put on a rather empty non-fiction bookshelf. Really?? Don't I have enough work to do already??? Did a crazy call number for some of our new graphic 921's. Decided I really wanted them on the graphic novel shelf, so I put their call numbers to 741.5 - 921! We'll see how that goes! Trying to find 70 copies of Breaking Through for two teachers. Classes in the computer lab nearly all day and lots of students trying to complete work. Crazy busy day!

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