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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Books All Over

I had books all over the place today! More books checked out, more checked in. Carts with books to shelve, new books waiting to go out....Attack of the books!! Luckily, I have aides! Today I worked on getting the new books out onto the rack, so by the time school started I had the one side all with brand new fiction. Made a sign for the rack "Brand New Books!!" And it was great! I love my new books. I had a very hard time letting them go out to other homes. One student wanted this new book,  Positive, and I was like in my head "no....not him....." But I finally gave it up. Still a bit teary eyed over it though. My two aides did a lot of shelving and did some for our aide who is still out. I finished up his section today as well and started my entire cart of non-fiction. Oh my. The non-fiction shelves were a mess. The students were checking out non-fiction and it was pretty much a disaster, but I straightened and tried to get stuff shelved. I think if I hadn't had to straighten so much stuff out, I could've gotten done, but I didn't. Only got about two thirds of one cart shelf done. But, things look better. I have books on my new book cart in my office. The rest of my non-fiction is outside my office. Two carts in the back workroom and a cart of books that are checked in but need to be resensitized. Did a bit of laminating, almost forgot so had to stay just a bit longer to get those done for teachers tomorrow. Mr. G was very happy that I had run his copy job on the cardstock for him yesterday and came down to let me know the students loved doing the exercise he did for them. Had four classes in checking out books, two of them came the same period! Mr. B forgot he was really supposed to come tomorrow! It was chaos, but we got through it! My office was a mess, and I did get some of it picked up before I went home. I am tired tonight! But looking forward to making more progress tomorrow!

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